Seen dimly through their canopies of blue…..

The Green Mountains
James Russell Lowell (1819–1891)
YE mountains, that far off lift up your heads,
Seen dimly through their canopies of blue,
The shade of my unrestful spirit sheds
Distance-created beauty over you;
I am not well content with this far view;
How may I know what foot of loved one treads
Your rocks moss-grown and sun-dried torrent beds?
We should love all things better, if we knew
What claims the meanest have upon our hearts;
Perchance even now some eye, that would be bright
To meet my own, looks on your mist-robed forms;
Perchance your grandeur a deep joy imparts
To souls that have encircled mine with light,
O brother-heart, with thee my spirit warms!

More Pixel Abuse….

Can you see the potential ?

Some shoots are more demanding than others and not all products are “camera” ready, some need a lot of help. The Flow Meter above is not only very large but incredibly heavy and needs a serious crane to hold it in place, none of which helps in getting a good shot. It has also picked up marks due to the manufacturing process.

Typical industrial environment

The customer required a clean image and I was limited to a less than ideal location, but with a little bit of magic…

Finished Flow Meter

You now have a clean and presentable final image.

The Glamorous side of re-touching…[ Pixel Abusing ]

Not all jobs are high end fancy reworking of images for glossy publications.
Some are just as taxing but with much lower budgets. Here’s an example of a property that is still in a state of construction.

The original image was shot on a wet and miserable day. The builders obviously want to get it on the market as quickly as possible but it’s still far from being completed…

So here we go…

Removal of the cement mixer and now relaying some grass.

Finishing off the walls and path.

Tidying up the garden walls.

Even removal of the window stickers.

The property still needs a door and some walls but it’s almost done. Sky has been added and colour tweaked. We can now see the potential of the house weeks before it’s finished. From building site to a home in no time at all.